Mobscenity (2013)

Mobscenity (2013)

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Mobscenity is a card game where players take turns picking 2 seemingly innocent words from the deck to create a Mobscenity Phrase. Each player then tries to come up with the most obscene definition for the phrase. The game can be downloaded for printing under a Creative Commons license.

The oldest player starts in the role as the Master and take six cards from the deck. The Master chooses two cards from her/his hand and places them face up on the table. These two cards become the Mobscenity Roots. The Master then states what the Mobscenity Phrase will be by combining the two terms. For example, if the Master plays the cards “Wax” and “Dolphin,” the Master can state the Mobscenity Phrase is “Waxing the Dolphin.”

The other players are given 3 minutes to write both 1) a definition of the Obscenity Phrase and 2) a sentence that includes the Obscenity Phrase (the Master can decide to boot people from the round if they do not finish on time). When the time is up, each player folds up their written response and puts it in the hat. Players take turns reading the responses, and the Master decides which response s/he likes the best. The player with the best response gets 1 point.